India is committed to contributing to the global low carbon growth agenda. By 2030, India intends to reduce the emissions intensity of its GDP by 33% to 35% from 2005 levels by focusing on diversifying and growing its energy portfolio to reduce its carbon emissions and support the sustainable growth of the economy.

Low-carbon transition requires the development of new innovative products, processes and services, presenting an exciting opportunity for cleantech innovators. Despite the market opportunity, the journey of a venture from the stage of ideation to commercialization is demanding and challenging. To ensure that ventures in these emerging sectors scale in line with the demand landscape, access to appropriate financing is key.

This report synthesizes the key learnings shared by innovators for gaining traction with the investors, simultaneously revealing the views of the investor community on aspects that are critical to the success of an enterprise.

The report ‘Strides to Success’ released as part of  WWF India Climate Solver platform’s ongoing ecosystem support activities, will help innovators understand the availability of capital at different growth stages. The case studies outlining the capital raising efforts of successful innovators and the repository showcasing the active financiers in the climate innovation ecosystem have also been highlighted in the report.

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