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Currently, most building owners are not fully aware of their power usages. Some of them have deployed energy monitoring systems coupled with BMS, which provides them with some inputs to work upon.But there is no intelligence in this system and thus it is highly relied upon a human operator to act as per his experience and intuition.Core issues are: 1. The current process lacks insights like hidden co-relations between important parameters like temperature, heat index, occupancy and power consumption. 2. Decisions like scheduling of HVAC\'s is based on historical records and is also a passive approach 3. No real time data to take informative decisions upon 4. No inputs from outside weather variables 5. Lack of understanding of thermal dynamics of the building 6. BMS operator have limited access to real time data as well as almost zero controls over motor speeds and compression cycles.What\'s new about our solution?1. Real time data through a centralized dashboard about different important assets in a building like (HVAC) Chillers, AHU, FCU, BMS, Smart meters along with data and insights about temperature, occupancy, humidity, power consumption.2. Complete automation of cooling and heating systems driven by our cloud based AI and proprietary algorithms that work as a function of thermal dynamics of the building in real time.3. Controlling compression cycles in the chillers4. Controlling motor speeds in chiller, pumps and AHU5. Signature studies: Every equipment has its signature, our system captures millions of signals and create a unique signature for the equipment and any variations from those signature detected by our machine learning models helps us in predicting a lot of significant insights including system failure and down times.All the above major changes are driven by our system in real time and are impossible for a human operator to perform. These changes done throughout the day helps us in regulating the base load with a deeper understanding of the thermal dynamics of the building.

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To curate a milieu where buildings take care of people and resources, not the other way around. Efficient and effective application of the IoT shall pave way for constructions that bridge power consumption with power saving, thereby reducing power wastage significantly.

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