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Rays Enserv\'s innovation converts waste non-edible oils/waxes, Animal fats to useable Biofuel. The Product (RE-Fuel) can be readily used for Industrial applications like Generators, Boilers, Furnaces by replacing existing fuel (Diesel)

Rays Enserv

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Established in 2014 as partnership firm Rays Enserv focusses on some of the biggest challenges being faced by mankind today. Our technology solutions are focussed on. 1. Converting Non recycled plastic waste (PE/PP/HDPE/LDPE) to synthetic fuel (similar to Diesel) 2. Converting Non edible oils/waxes/animal fats into 2nd generation Biofuel.Our cost and energy efficient solutions make the end product affordable for businesses to replace their needs for petroleum products (mainly Diesel) without any modifications to their existing machinery (furnaces/boilers/Generator sets etc.) First ever Technology demonstration plant to be commissioned for regular commercial operations beginning February 2019. The plant with initial capacity to process 10 TPD of raw material will produce 10,000 litres of Biofuel per day on continuous operations basis. Trial runs of the upcoming plants have been very encouraging and the fuel quality produced during trial runs is of very high standards. Various Lab tests and field trials has confirmed the results too. Our BioFuel is carbon neutral and will help reducing upto 80% of Co2 reduction compared to traditional fossil fuel when in market (ref. various independent studies in public domain). Our global competitors include established large companies like Neste Oil, Honeywell to name few.


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