About the innovation

VARUN-III is Indigenous, state of the art Hydrokinetic energy Harnessing System to generate electricity without Dam/Reservoir/Diversion/Power Canal/Tail Race Canal/Head Race Canal or any kind of permanent structure which deform natural state/natural course of rivers. Installation of VARUN-III is simplest as it require just a wire rope to anchor over the surface of water in half submerged state. VARUN-III balance itself over the surface of water and produce up to 1400 kWH electricity/day, using just water velocity as energy input. Our Innovation can insure 24*7 supply of electricity to fulfill all energy demands of villages, Towns, Small and Medium Industries as well as all other human settlements situated nearby any flowing water body. Unlike other hydrokinetic turbines VARUN-III need minimum 0.5 meter/second water velocity, 0.8 meter depth, minimum 3 meter width and minimum 300 cusec flow to start producing electricity. The design of VARUN-III is floating debris free and doesn\'t harm aquatic life.


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    Private Limited

Company Profile

MTPL is Research based startup working full time to explore new avenues of renewable energy generation. We are Pioneer of Surface Water Velocity Driven Hydrokinetic Turbine Systems in India. Our Innovations have won many awards and recognition in both national as well as international platforms. Apart from Surface Hydrokinetic Turbines, our company have developed many more patented Ideas to explore all possible ways to harness green/renewable energy in sustainable and environment friendly manner. Our company offer interactive platform to all students, research scholars, grass root innovators and also all those who have idea but don\'t have resources to convert into reality. We have three segments of Hydrokinetic Turbines namely - VARUN-III, Vikalp - I and MKV-I. All these turbines are replacement of conventional Hydro dam based Hydro power Plants because our turbines generate electricity without disturbing the natural condition of rivers.