About the innovation

Greenway Stoves are modern replacements for traditional chulhas delivering 65% fuel savings and 70% smoke reduction while working on all solid biomass fuels. Our stoves use a patented air-induction mechanism that ensures near complete combustion of biomass even in varied fuel mix scenarios. The mechanism is temperature activated and does not entail any moving parts thus making the stoves reliable and long-lasting. Along side the health impact and convenience of cooking, each stove also mitigates between 1.4 to 2.2 tonnes of GHG emissions annually.

Greenway Grameen

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    Private Limited

Company Profile

Greenway is India’s largest manufacturer and distributor of clean burning stoves and other life improving products. Today, over 850,000 families own a Greenway product. Our stoves replace traditional indoor open fires/chulhas still prominent amongst rural households. As a B2C enterprise, we co-create with our consumers and undertake deep distribution. Starting from product concepts, we engineer and manufacture at our fully integrated plant in Vadodara followed by distribution via a network of rural sales partners. Greenway also facilitates instalment based purchases under our initiative Easy Own. Since inception, Greenway stoves have amassed multiple patents and recognition for their user acceptance & impact.

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