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The Barsha Pump is water-powered pump which utilizes energy from flowing water sources such as rivers or canals to pump water up, without requiring any fuel or electricity. The pump runs on zero operating costs and does not emit any greenhouse gases. The Barsha Pump requires little maintenance, as it does not have any electronic or electrical components, making it suitable to be used in remote areas. The Barsha pump is propelled by a floating waterwheel, making it suitable for use in a wide range of rivers and canals, without the need for any dams. The pump incorporates a patent-pending innovation that makes the pump a mass-producible, more efficient and light-weight portable product. Compared to conventional fuel-based pumps , the Barsha pump can save up to 70% of irrigation costs over lifetime. The Barsha pump operates 24/7, even during cloudy weather or during night.

aQysta Irrigation Private Limited

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aQysta is acompany founded at the high-tech incubator of the Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) in 2013, with a vision to provide sustainable irrigation solutions across the world.As a first product, aQysta has developed an innovative hydro-powered pump: the Barsha Pump. The Barsha pump operates with zero operating costs as they are propelled only by the energy present in flowing water and require minimal maintenance as there is only one moving part.For its innovative product, aQysta has been recognized with several international awards such as Forbes 30 under 30 2017, Siemens Empowering People Award 2017, Climate-KIC Venture Competition 2014, Philips Innovation Award 2012. Most recently, aQysta was selected to present in the UN General assembly as one of the top 10 innovators globally contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development goals by the United Nations Foundation.aQysta has 30 team-members from 8 different nationalities working from 4 different countries with the mission to be the world leader in development and deployment of hydro powered pumps. aQysta has been working with different partners from various sectors (government institutions, international development organizations, private distributors, manufacturers and universities). Together with the network of these partners, aQysta has deployed more than 300 Barsha pumps across 15 countries in the world.aQysta has its subsidiary in India, aQysta Irrigation India Private Limited, operating since 2018. aQysta Irrigation India is introducing the Barsha pump in India with demonstration of the technology in different parts with several partners. Furthermore, in parallel, aQysta Irrigation India is going to be established as the global manufacturing and logistics hub for Barsha Pump to supply the pumps all over the world.

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