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The debris that float in the water bodies leads to life-threatening water pollution. This non-biodegradable waste gets into the food chain and renders the environment incapable of supporting life. This hampers the growth of the future generation and puts their life at risk. There are many obstacles and problems associated with the collection of maritime and oceanic debris in real-time. Typically, these solutions come at a high cost, they cannot provide real-time data, risk human life, and weather condition restrictions for the collection of data– to name a few. So The chief problem we solve is providing an efficient autonomous system for collection of surface water floating waste.


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Sagar Defence Engineering (SDE) has become pioneer in India to design, manufacture and supply the first ever Unmanned Marine Surface Vehicle (UMSV) and its technology, indigenously in collaboration with Indian Navy. Our startup aims to provide new innovations and complete Unmanned Marine and Aerial Vehicles solutions in Defence, Commercial, and Scientific sector.

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