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We have developed a method of clean biomass combustion through multiple innovations to open source \"rocket stove\" technology. These include improvements such as pre-heated primary and secondary air for increased combustion temperatures, vortex turbulence for improved mixing of gases in the secondary combustion chamber, bell effect heat trapping to maximise efficient heat transfer to the room rather than venting all the hot gases directly outdoors, modular design that allows for flat packing of the product and for additional add-ons to be incorporated at a later stage. Some of the Add-ons we are bringing to market are Glass Fire Door, Oven Box, Hot Water System utilising waste exhaust gas heat, Pellet Feeder attachment, Dung Feeder attachment and Phone charging using TEG (Thermo Electric Generators). All of these increased functionality modules are able to be added to any of the range of Eco Rocket Stoves at any stage.We are currently rolling out a new App on Android and iPhone devices that allows our customers and interested parties to monitor our product range and also to engage with us directly via social media channels. We have incorporated a points system that rewards certain behaviours, with a view towards integrating Carbon backed credits at a later stage.

Himalayan Rocket Stove

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Himalayan Rocket Stove is a social enterprise focussed on developing clean and efficient biomass combustion products for heating and cooking. Our current range is developed around domestic heating in the Himalayas, with three units sized for various applications from family homes to guesthouses and cafes. These are called the Eco1, Eco2 and Eco3 Rocket Stoves and be used for both heating and cooking.The original unit (Eco1 Rocket Stove) is designed to cater to the typical family household situation in the Himalayas, where women still sit on or low to the ground for cooking on a heating unit in the middle of the room. It took us 3 years of intense product development to reduce the size of the duel combustion unit to work in such a low format.Our heating stoves run at least 50% more efficiently than typical heating stoves, and produce less than 10% of the normal amount of smoke pollution. This is due to the clean burning high temperature technology we employ that combusts smoke, releasing additional heat and far cleaner emissions.Having achieved this, we are now ready to apply our high temperature biomass combustion technology to a wide range of applications. We are currently developing large format institutional cookers for schools, monasteries, community centres and the like, where wood consumption is very high. An addition product range we are developing is low cost waste incineration for remote regions where other waste disposal options are not viable.As a social enterprise, we measure our impacts in terms of social, environmental and financial benefits. Having now received an incredible response from the community of Himalayan Rocket Stove users, we feel confident about our stove heaters, and the positive impacts they are creating in the Himalayas in terms of fuel reduction and cleaner emissions.Each combustion stove heater in use reduces CO2 emissions by an estimated 2-5 tons per year, with a projected lifespan of 10-20 years. By targeting the 20 million homes of the Himalayan belt from North to NE India, we aim to reduce millions of tons of CO2 emissions as well as black carbon, deforestation and women\'s drudgery over the coming 10 years.There is an emerging global awareness about our product range that offers the capacity to scale our products to a global market with the associated scaling of impact.We have also developed the zero cost cookstove design now being utilised to great effect by the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation. This design uses clay combined with locally available additives to bring cleaner combustion to cooking in a simple and rudimentary format which is accessible to the poorest regions of India and has the capacity to scale indefinitely due to the very low cost of implementation and ease of replication.This has been thoroughly field tested with over 1000 cookstoves now being used various regions of India and has been independently verified as highly effective with a raft of social and environmental benefits.Himalayan Rocket Stove is actively involved in the ongoing development of tools and technology for the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation\'s training programs through a collaborative approach that involves many of our team members working on both projects.

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