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Chakr Shield is a retrofit solution that captures up to 90% Particulate Matter (PM) from Diesel Generator(DG) thereby reducing the black carbon emissions to the atmosphere and improving the quality of air. The device is installed over the exhaust pipe of the DG that captures the exhaust and cools it to cause agglomeration of the soot particles. These soot particles, which primarily consist of PM, are collected as raw material for making inks and paints for use in merchandise.

Chakr Innovation Private Limited

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    Private Limited

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Chakr Innovation is a company founded by engineering graduates from IIT Delhi that aims to develop sustainable and environment friendly solutions for power generation. The Company was incorporated in June 2016 and has been recognised as a Startup under the “Start Up India Stand up India” scheme launched by Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy (DIPP). It is one of the 10 start-ups selected for special mentoring and benefits. We have an established a workshop with large production facility as well as a trained operations team for on-field work. We have also collaborated with BOSCH India and IOCL for technology commercialisation and product development. Chakr Innovation has been recognised and awarded by various organisations, As an organisation, our mission is to develop and implement technologies, which can effectively control pollution - saving the natural environment and people\'s health. Currently, we have identified air pollution as a focus area due to its tremendous health and environmental impact. Diesel generators being a significant contributor to ambient particulate matter, we have developed a novel device, which can capture up to 90% of particulate matter being emitted from diesel generators which has been verified by IIT Delhi and labs accredited by IS/ISO/IEC and NABL. The product is also GreenPro rated by CII-IGBC. Along with controlling emission at source, our technology also ensures that the collected particulate matter is not disposed-off or burnt but is used as a raw material for inks and paints.

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