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AGNISUMUKH INNOVATION - REVERSING GAS FUEL MECHANISM A comparative analysis of existing conventional system with Agnisumukh Innovation:- The present gas fuel heating mechanism is based on centric heat, which has a linear vertical blue flame through conduction mechanism, operating at a high gas pressure. This results in low thermal efficiency, emission of carbon soot thereby leading to daily maintenance of burner and equipment.Whereas, Agnisumukh innovation is about uniform, horizontal, linear flame-less radiant heat, through convection cum radiation mechanism, operating at a low gas pressure. This results in high thermal efficiency, zero emission of carbon soot without any daily maintenance of burner and equipment. This is how our research team reversed the present gas fuel mechanism and has overcome all the problems of LPG, Natural Gas, Bio-Gas. We have developed commercial kitchen equipment’s ranging from Cookstove to Steam boilers.

Agnisumukh Energy Solutions Private Limited

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Agnisumukh, is a pioneer award winning clean-tech start-up from Bangalore in India driven by knowledge, technology, design and innovation to manufacture total solutions for radiant heat applications driven by LPG, Natural gas & Bio gas. Agnisumukh has geared up to become the first global brand from India in commercial and domestic kitchen space. The innovation has other industrial applications as the temperature can reach beyond 1000 °C in a very short time.Agnisumukh manufactures commercial kitchen equipment ranging from clean cook stoves to steam boilers driven by innovative, energy efficient radiant heat, gas burner which is flameless, smokeless and noiseless. The burners produce uniform heat just like charcoal heat emitting far-infrared rays. The device has been tested and certified at a thermal efficiency, under IS 14612, between 65-68.9% as against conventional burners with an efficiency rating between 36-45%.

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