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3 billion people currently cook with biomass fuels that’s nearly half the world’s population. Every year open fire cooking results in - 4.3 million deaths, $40 billion on fuel and 1 billion tons of co2 emission. Envirofit’s efficient biomass cook stove, the PCS-1, offer - Fuel Reduction up to: 66% , Cooking Time Reduction up to: 50% and Toxic Emission Reduction up to: 82%.

Envirofit India

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    Private Limited

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Envirofit India Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of Envirofit International, Colorado which is a leading technology provider in designing and developing improved biomass cook stoves. Envirofit India has been working in the space of improved biomass cook stoves in India since 2008. So far, Envirofit India has disseminated more than 4,00,000 cook stoves in India, Nepal and Bhutan. It has a presence in most of the Indian states and has been reaching out to communities through multiple retail and non-retail distribution channels.

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