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PLUGnCHILL Transport refrigeration units are available from 5 feet to 24 feet containers in temperature ranges of -25°C to +20°C. PLUGnCHILL benefits are - 100% product safety, 60% Lower operating costs, Turbo charging and it is Eco Friendly. The Eutectic Plate acts as a Energy backup source and hence completely eliminates the need for Diesel Generators and expensive battery backup. Our system is differentiated since - Use of Phase Change Material ensures a high energy density; High efficiency systems with temperature control capability; Available in ranges from -18˚C to +10˚C and Scalable solution from 1 ton to 20 tons storage

Thermal Energy Service Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (TESSOL)

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    Private Limited

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Thermal Energy Service Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (TESSOL) is a Mumbai based company that designs, manufactures and integrates products and solutions for specific applications such as mobile cold storage supply chain using thermal energy storage technology. Operating mostly in western regions of the country, TESSOL is rapidly growing its sales and service network across India.

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