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Radiant cooling systems offer lower energy consumption than conventional cooling systems based on research conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Radiant cooling energy savings depend on the climate, but on average across the US savings are in the range of 30% compared to conventional systems. These savings can be primarily attributed to- Less energy required to transport heat transfer medium (water) when compared to conventional HVAC where air is used and Chilled water supply from the chiller is typically at 16 deg C compared to 7 deg C for conventional HVAC. This also leads to additional savings. Radiant cooling also has lower first costs and lifecycle costs compared to conventional systems. Lower first costs are largely attributed to integration with structure and design elements, while lower life cycle costs result from decreased maintenance.\"

Oorja Energy Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Oorja is a Cleantech Heating & Cooling company focused on providing sustainable solutions for industrial and commercial heating & cooling. They provide solutions based on Solar and Energy Efficiency that are economically viable for our customers. Heating & Cooling are very energy-intensive processes and Oorja’s products either eliminate or greatly reduce the need for fossil fuel consumption for these processes in industries and commercial establishments. Oorja believes that it is inevitable that businesses need to adopt sustainable energy sources, but providing the businesses with economically viable solutions will accelerate this adoption. Oorja will make continuous investments in innovation to bring in cost and performance efficiencies in its products and at the same time investment in a training a network of partners that will deliver these solutions to the customers."

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