Climate Solver is a WWF global initiative to strengthen the development and widespread use of innovative low carbon technologies. The platform provides an interface between low carbon technology innovators and industry associations, investors, government, incubation centres and the media. After careful screening and selection of innovative clean technologies, developed by small and medium enterprises, Climate Solver aims to showcase their potential, expand their outreach and generate awareness about them along with the overall value of innovation, as an immediate and practical solution to climate change.

Who are Climate Solvers?

Climate Solvers are small and medium enterprises that are selected based on their potential to develop cutting edge technologies that are projected to lower carbon emissions by 20 million tonnes annually (ten years onwards) or provide sustainable solutions to enhance energy access.

Climate Solver Partners

Climate Solver partners with stakeholders like innovation incubators, industrial associations and business networks that play an important role in helping and supporting climate innovation solutions. Climate Solver is partnering with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (IIM Ahmedabad), Indian Angel Network, and National Innovation Foundation.

Investor Advisory Group

WWF-India, as part of its Climate Solvers programme has constituted an Investor Advisory Group (IAG), consisting of a group of 13 investors and financiers active in the cleantech space. The purpose of the IAG is to provide strategic advice to the Climate Solvers programme, to deepen its relationship with the investor community and to scale up financing to the innovators.